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From qualified 1 on 1 personal training to fitness classes. For nutrition, supplementation, gym wear, gym equipment, plus much more, you can find it all here.

We are here to take you exactly to the physical and mental form you wish for.
We at ReForm will guide you step by step, all the way.
Whether you want to live a healthier life, Tone up, build muscle, lose weight or you simply wish to change the way you feel about your fitness we can help you reach your goal.

We provide Gym Wear, Nutrition advice, Supplementation, Injury Recovery, Gym memberships with attractive personal training packages and more.

We promise a life changing adventure. No matter what age and fitness level, we can guide you in the right direction and help you achieve your goal.


We are Certified by the European Register of Exercise Professionals as Level 4 Fitness Professionals.

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1 on 1 Personal Training Sessions

1 on 1 personal training sessions hosted at our fully equipped Msida Studio.


We at ReForm, deliver classes for all your fitness goals, whether it is general fitness or strength training, beginner level or advanced. We help you push through your limits, while keeping the class versatile and fun!

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Injury Recovery & Rehabilitation

Being partnered with Qualified Physiotheraphists and Massage Therapists, we will help you recover from those problematic injuries and rehabilitate you back to your best.

Basic & Specific Nutrition Advice

Basic Nutrition Advice - To help you jump start your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

Specific Nutrition Advice - Partnered with Qualified Nutritionists we bring you the best Nutrition Advice, centered around your favourite food we can literally change your life.

Training Equipment Deliveries

We can get you the specific training equipment of your liking to help you train to the maximum. This includes delivery straight to your doorstep, being always reliable and hassle free.

Diet Supplementation

Teamed with leading supplementation websites, we offer you all you require to maximise your workout. From Pre and Post Workout, to Protein (Vegan and Whey), Diet, Recovery, Weight management etc. With next day local delivery and discounts.

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Gym Wear

Want to look and feel good while training? Our partners offer the best Gym wear available online.

With a simple click you will discover a vast range of gym wear brands to make sure you not only train right but you do so with the most comfortable and dynamic gym wear available.

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We love what we do and this is how we do it

Padwork Boxing


Padwork boxing for enhancing motor functions and high intensity cardio workouts

Free Weight Training


Incline dumbbell chest presses to develop strength gains of the upper chest

Body Weight Exercises

Personal Training

Body weight exercises to develop strength gains of the upper shoulders

Fitness Classes

Cardio, Fat burning and Fun

Msida Studio

Professional and latest technology equipment

Discounts & offers

Promotional Offers

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With a passion for strength training I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 12 years. Since a young age I was always fascinated by how someone could completely change their body through training and discipline. I lacked the knowledge back then but my passion was always great. After many years of improving myself through various teachers and mentors I finally decided it was the moment to take my passion to the next level and get myself a proper qualification. In doing so I could finally achieve my goal of bettering myself both physically and mentally but at the same time, have the possibility to help others do so in a professional and safe way.

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Jeffrey Montebello Personal Trainer

I’ve been involved in fitness for about 10 years, but from a young age, I’ve always had the love for sports. When I had my first gym experience, I was fascinated with how the personal trainers, trained their clients, pushing them through their limits to be the best version of themselves. I craved that feeling of accomplishment and wanted to be a personal trainer myself. I continued my personal fitness journey throughout the years, until the opportunity came to grasp my lifelong dream to become an instructor myself. Physical Fitness has helped me a lot throughout the years, both physically and mentally. And now it’s my time to help others, follow their fitness journey, safely and professionally.

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Zvetlana Montebello Gym & Fitness Class Instructor

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